Heather Sailor

Heather will be a junior this fall at California Polytechnic State University where she studies construction management. Heather hopes to bring her academic and professional skills to bear on the threats posed by increasingly destructive wildfires.

She has interned for Rosendin Electric for the past three years. Heather previously created a community service program called “Hearts and Crafts” within the organization Living Above the Influence. She also serves on the board of the ASCM at her university which has approximately 200 members. Heather also dedicates time to the NECA Green Energy Challenge, ASC Electrical Team, and Women in Construction.

Heather is the daughter of CFMA Chapter member Brian Sailor.


Garrett C. Hutchinson

Garrett will be a junior at the University of Indiana where he is pursuing a double major in accounting and finance.

He has volunteered his time in Mexico and elsewhere in projects housing those in need. He has competed in academic competitions through his university such as the Ernst & Young / Onyx+East competition which was focused on a real estate developer’s barriers to entry in the Tampa and St. Petersburg housing market.

Garrett was referred to the scholarship program by Truebeck Construction.


Cassandra Valeria Vonnegut

Cassandra will enter her junior year this fall at UC Berkeley. She is majoring in business administration. Cassandra hopes to ultimately become a property developer.

She enjoys assisting others as a Student Assistant in her community college’s English as a Second Language program. Cassandra also devotes time to the Alpha Gamma Sigma Honors Society performing fundraising for community service projects.

$3,000 Scholarship

Adam E. Humbert

Adam will begin his studies this fall at Santa Clara University. He has a clear focus on computer science and would like to bring technology further to bear on the construction industry.

He has been a competitive water polo player for many years and lends a hand from time to time at XL Construction.

Adam is the son of Tom Humbert, chief financial officer of XL Construction.