2020 Salary and Benefit Survey

Is Your Compensation Package Competitive?

Are You Paying Employees Too Much... or Too Little?

Participate now in the CFMA Salary Survey to get your complimentary copy!

Get current benchmark information to use for compensation planning, employee retention, recruitment, and business planning. This executive report contains industry-specific data collected from construction firms in Northern California, with key information of:

Salary Dollar Ranges Paid For Specific Job Positions including:
Management, Office, Accounting, Estimating, Operations, Engineering and more!

Benefits Information on:
Medical, Dental, Vision, Life, Long-Term Disability, and more!

Plus a Profile of Respondents, including:
Type of company (General/Subcontractor), size, revenues, type of work, and number of employees and offices

Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the $200 Survey Report. The deadline to participate is October 12, 2018

Please note:

All information is 100% confidential

NO ONE outside the independent CPA firm of Baker Tilley will see or have access to any individual company information

Individual company data is not included in the survey report

The survey is sponsored and compiled by a CFMA member, Baker Tilley, Certified Public Accountants

Contact Howard Loomis at Baker Tilley at (408) 385 – 3400 with any questions. All surveys must be received by Monday, October 12, 2020

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